March has been a busy month with school, and so the posts have been lacking. But I will most likely finish a paper today, and then I will “only” have two more left to write, plus three exams by April 18.

But before I dive back into the library to finish my history paper, I’ll share some exciting news: I’m going cruising! For the last three summers, I’ve worked as a bus driver for Princess Tours in Alaska, and one of the benefits of working for Princess is that you get to go on discount cruises. I can’t tell you how much of a discount it is, but let me just say that as a poor student there is NO WAY I could afford a full-price cruise.

I applied for a space available cruise this coming June. Since you only get on if they have enough room, I had to make 4 choices. Princess told me a couple of weeks ago that I got on my third-choice cruise: the eastern Mediterranean, beginning in Venice and ending in Rome. Here is the itinerary:

ATHENS (Piraeus)
KUSADASI (Ephesus)

I’m going with my dad, and with Mary. Pretty cool, huh?

By Elliot

Elliot was born in Michigan and raised in North Carolina. He has studied at Regent College and the University of Richmond, worked at newspapers in St. Petersburg and Los Angeles, taught ESL in eastern Europe, given tours in Alaska, and driven a school bus. Now he lives in western Washington and works as an editor at Lexham Press, the publishing arm of Faithlife Corporation.

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OH. MY. Gosh!! You are so blessed! That is pretty much exactly the kind of cruise Dave & I dream of going on someday. We keep saying “for our 25th wedding anniversary, maybe then we’ll have enough money saved for something like that!”

Have a great time!!

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