Well friends, I’m back to blogging. April has been an incredibly busy month, but I’m starting to feel again that I have things to say and a little more time to say them.

March 31 was my last day as a school bus driver. Leaving was bittersweet, since I truly became attached to those kids. However, I would not want to go back. Right now, I am the beloved former bus driver who can do no wrong. If I were the current bus driver, I would again be Satan’s brother as far as those kids were concerned.

On April 5, the day before my 31st birthday, I started a new job at Logos Bible Software, in downtown Bellingham. It has gone well, though the huge difference between it and my previous job has required some adjustment. Now I sit at a desk for eight hours a day, looking at a computer screen. While school bus driving did require a fair amount of sitting, it also required a bit more in the area of physical exertion. I mean, somebody had to stop the bus and go thump those kids (just kidding. I never laid a hand on any students, as the camera on the bus could attest).

Despite the fact that I am now much more sedentary, I do enjoy my new job more than bus driving. The great thing about bus driving was that I had three hours off in the middle of the day, and when the best thing about a job is the time that you are able to spend not working, something is wrong. I work in the Design and Editorial department at Logos. The main job of “D&E,” as far as I can tell, is to make all the information available to a Logos user more accessible. When people buy a Logos base package, they have access to hundreds of books. But those books are not on a bookshelf in one’s house, so it’s easy to forget that they are there. We come up with features and databases that make that information more accessible. I like to think of us as phantom librarians. I have been working on a new feature since my first day, and I am most likely going to continue working on it for a few more months. I can’t tell you what it is, though, because then I would have to kill you.

In addition to getting used to the new job, one thing that made April so busy was that I continued as intern at BCC. I will finish at the end of May, just before the new intern takes over. For the past month, even though I was now working a full-time job, I still had my intern duties – which included a 4-week Sunday School class on Colossians, and preaching on April 25. Now that the preaching date is finished, I look forward to relaxing a little bit next month and thinking about how I would like to be involved as Elliot the regular old layman, instead of Elliot the Intern. It should be fun.

Soon and very soon, I will review the books that I have been reading for the past couple of months. I finished a lot in March, but because of the busyness of April I should only finish about two this month.

By Elliot

Elliot was born in Michigan and raised in North Carolina. He has studied at Regent College and the University of Richmond, worked at newspapers in St. Petersburg and Los Angeles, taught ESL in eastern Europe, given tours in Alaska, and driven a school bus. Now he lives in western Washington and works as an editor at Lexham Press, the publishing arm of Faithlife Corporation.