Georgia Multiculturalism

I have GOT to get used to this whole blogging thing. I’m slipping already.

Anyway, I read this article in the New York Times online the other day, about a Baptist church adapting to the growing multiculturalism of its neighborhood. It’s encouraging to hear of this example, but I wonder how many other churches are dealing with this issue and end up circling the wagons, insisting on staying the same, and making themselves irrelevant (not that “relevance” is the highest virtue in churches. . . but if you’re not reaching out to your community no matter who they are, you’re not living out the gospel AND you’re being irrelevant).

Funny; I never think of Georgia as being that multicultural, but in one week I read this story and also heard on NPR that they’re building one of the biggest Hindu temples of its kind in an Atlanta suburb. Here’s the story.