“From Our Sins and Fears Release Us Day 11,” He Reads Truth, December 2022

“Editing as Fellow-Feeling,” Fathom Magazine, July 2022

“A Life Written in the Margins,” Fathom Magazine, March 2022

“I believed God could intervene. But did he?,” Fathom Magazine, June 2021

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I haven’t written any books as a primary author, but I have put together several books for which I was the primary editor/curator. Below, “Logos” means you can buy it in a digital edition in Logos Bible Software. “Print” is a link to buy a paperback from Amazon.

300 Sermon Illustrations from Charles Spurgeon (Logos)

Spurgeon Commentary: Galatians (Logos; Print)

Spurgeon Commentary: Philippians (Logos; Print)

Spurgeon Commentary: Hebrews (Logos; Print)

Spurgeon Commentary: 2 Thessalonians/2 Timothy/Titus (Print)

1,500 Quotations for Preachers (Logos)

Stewards of the Earth: Christianity and Creation Care

Christ the Cornerstone: Collected Essays of John Stott

Architect of Evangelicalism: The Essential Essays of Carl F. H. Henry

A Light Has Dawned: Meditations on Advent and Christmas

Pointing to the Pasturelands: Reflections on Evangelicalism, Doctrine, & Culture