Paleontologists at the Creation Museum

I read this article yesterday about a group of paleontologists who visited the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. For those interested in the interaction between Christianity (or, at least, one version of it) and science, it’s great reading. I found the following paragraphs most fascinating:

Many of the paleontologists thought the museum misrepresented and ridiculed them and their work and unfairly blamed them for the ills of society.

“I think they should rename the museum — not the Creation Museum, but the Confusion Museum,” said Lisa E. Park, a professor of paleontology at the University of Akron.

“Unfortunately, they do it knowingly,” Dr. Park said. “I was dismayed. As a Christian, I was dismayed.”

What I found most interesting about this is that here is a Christian paleontologist who thinks that her work is being misrepresented and ridiculed by other Christians. I think that those who run the Creation Museum have every right to interpret the Bible and scientific evidence the way they want, and argue publicly in the marketplace of ideas for their position. But ridiculing opposing points of view strikes me as being un-Christian. Yes, I know that those who run the Creation Museum are not the only people who ridicule opposing points of view. But for Christians to do that – and to draw attention to this ridicule by institutionalizing it in a museum – doesn’t seem right.