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Adam and Eve—Just My Archetype (A Review)

The work of Old Testament scholar John Walton has been on my radar at least since 2012, when I read his book The Lost World of Genesis One (I reviewed it on the blog here). The central insight of that book—that the creation account of Genesis 1 has to do with functional origins, not material origins—made sense … Continue reading Adam and Eve—Just My Archetype (A Review)

Princes and Gods and Kings of Egypt: A Review

A couple of years ago, I edited a commentary on Exodus. I had never taken the time to study the book that deeply before, and I enjoyed the experience. So when I heard that there was a new volume coming out in the Kregel Exegetical Library series on Exodus, I decided to pick it up. … Continue reading Princes and Gods and Kings of Egypt: A Review

Logos 6 Has Launched!

If you read this blog regularly (or know me personally), you know that I work at Faithlife, the makers of Logos Bible Software. Today, we announced the latest version of that software: Logos 6! The list of cool new features is too long for a single blog post, and it has already been laid out very … Continue reading Logos 6 Has Launched!

The Lost World of Genesis One: A Review

The relationship between scientific accounts of origins and the account found in Genesis is a controversial issue, and has been at least since the Scopes Monkey Trial. Every now and then it spills into the news here in the United States, when people who are firmly entrenched on either side come in conflict with one … Continue reading The Lost World of Genesis One: A Review

Book Review: Invitation to Biblical Interpretation

First there was the hermeneutical circle. Then there was the hermeneutical spiral. Now, in Invitation to Biblical Interpretation: Exploring the Hermeneutical Triad of History, Literature and Theology, Andreas J. Kostenberger and Richard D. Patterson give us the hermeneutical triad. The hermeneutical triad, as the subtitle indicates, consists of history, literature and theology. History and literature … Continue reading Book Review: Invitation to Biblical Interpretation

Iain Provan in Australia

One of my favorite professors during my time at Regent College was Iain Provan. I learned a great deal from him, not just about the Old Testament, but also about how to read and think about the Bible in general. He gave a series of lectures in Australia in July, and Gospel Conversations was kind … Continue reading Iain Provan in Australia

How Do You Evaluate a Bible Translation?

I got the most recent issue of Christianity Today a few days ago, and found that they had weighed in on the Southern Baptist Convention's recent resolution against the updated NIV. This is the best line of CT's response: The only criterion for a good translation is this: Does it accurately convey what the authors … Continue reading How Do You Evaluate a Bible Translation?