Logos 6 Has Launched!

If you read this blog regularly (or know me personally), you know that I work at Faithlife, the makers of Logos Bible Software. Today, we announced the latest version of that software: Logos 6! The list of cool new features is too long for a single blog post, and it has already been laid out very … Continue reading Logos 6 Has Launched!

Steve Jobs and I-It Relationships

It's true. Steve Jobs was a jerk. He made a habit of ridiculing, manipulating, and belittling people, habitually took credit for others' work, and parked in handicapped spots for no good reason. While Walter Isaacson doesn't mention it in his excellent biography of Jobs, I have no doubt that he would not have balked at … Continue reading Steve Jobs and I-It Relationships

How I Spend My Day

I’ve been working at Logos Bible Software since April, and ever since then people have been asking me, “What do you do there?” I do my best to explain, but I’m not always sure that my explanation makes sense. For those of you to whom I’ve explained what I do but you didn’t quite understand, … Continue reading How I Spend My Day

The System is Down

There might be a conspicuous lack of updates for the next little while. My computer, after serving me faithfully for about 2 years and 4 months, has succumbed. To what, I don't know. I need to call a computer guy. I don't know whether it will be fixed, or whether I will want to fix … Continue reading The System is Down