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Christmas Amid the Rubble

I've recently realized that the last thing I put on this blog was a melancholy reflection on Christmas. Now, I'd like to put before you this Advent a painting by Albrecht Altdorfer: Sitting in prison on the first Sunday of Advent 1943, German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote: November 28, 1943 My dear Parents, Although no … Continue reading Christmas Amid the Rubble


Merry Weary Christmas

I'm weary this Christmas. Maybe you are, too. I'm weary of all the decisions I've had to make this year, figuring out how to navigate the pandemic, deciding on my own risk tolerance, trying to balance that with other people's. I can only imagine what kind of weariness government officials and church leaders are feeling … Continue reading Merry Weary Christmas

C.S. Lewis on Worrying about What’s Distant

I was alerted recently to this quote from a letter by C. S. Lewis to Dom Bede Griffiths from December 20, 1946: It is one of the evils of rapid diffusion of news that the sorrows of all the world come to us every morning. I think each village was meant to feel pity for … Continue reading C.S. Lewis on Worrying about What’s Distant