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Sitting with Our Neighbors

We divide ourselves so many times into so many categories that we lose sight of what is more important, loving our neighbor as ourselves. Rather than go over to the rock of someone that is different we tend to stay in our groups with people that are like us losing opportunities to share in their … Continue reading Sitting with Our Neighbors


How Do You Evaluate a Bible Translation?

I got the most recent issue of Christianity Today a few days ago, and found that they had weighed in on the Southern Baptist Convention's recent resolution against the updated NIV. This is the best line of CT's response: The only criterion for a good translation is this: Does it accurately convey what the authors … Continue reading How Do You Evaluate a Bible Translation?

Obama the Bible Scholar

Like a lot of people, I watched Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech last night. I don't have the time or inclination to go over the whole thing and say what I liked and what I didn't, but I will tell you what stuck out to me the most: his use of scripture at the end. … Continue reading Obama the Bible Scholar

Why I Love Christmas Carols

Soon (This Sunday) it will be the season of Advent, and it will be time for the church to prepare for Christmas. One of my favorite things about the Advent season (and, let's be honest, some other seasons as well) is listening to Christmas carols. I am not entirely sure why I love Christmas music … Continue reading Why I Love Christmas Carols