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Steve Jobs and I-It Relationships

It's true. Steve Jobs was a jerk. He made a habit of ridiculing, manipulating, and belittling people, habitually took credit for others' work, and parked in handicapped spots for no good reason. While Walter Isaacson doesn't mention it in his excellent biography of Jobs, I have no doubt that he would not have balked at … Continue reading Steve Jobs and I-It Relationships

Book Review: Integrity

Popular psychology books get a bad rap. So do business books. That means Henry Cloud's Integrity: the Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality, which fits in both categories, is not supposed to be a good book. But it is. Early in the book, Cloud tells the story of a company he consulted for. The … Continue reading Book Review: Integrity

Book Review: Tribes and Linchpin

Seth Godin sells confidence, and there are plenty of people who are willing to buy. These are the only two books of Godin's I have read, but by the time I read the second one I sensed that they were very similar. In Tribes, Godin's goal is to get his readers to understand that there … Continue reading Book Review: Tribes and Linchpin

Book Review: Never Eat Alone

Before reading Never Eat Alone, I had never read a book about networking. In part this was because the word “networking” conjured up in my mind greasy opportunists who sought to exploit relationships solely for their own benefit. Happily, Ferrazzi does not come across as that kind of person. Though he does stress the power … Continue reading Book Review: Never Eat Alone

Book Review: Doing Virtuous Business

This book is Theodore Roosevelt Malloch’s argument that capitalism is most successful when it is conducted in a virtuous way. Virtuous enterprise, according to Malloch, both makes the world a better place and makes businesses more successful (7). In fact, companies that pursue profit to the detriment of all else are unhealthy. He states, “I … Continue reading Book Review: Doing Virtuous Business