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Arad and Contextualization

June 22, PM This is the ninth post in a series of reflections on my recent trip to Israel (to read them all, click here). Our group's last stop of the afternoon, before getting on the bus and heading north along the Jordan River Valley to Galilee, was at the top of a windy hill. To the … Continue reading Arad and Contextualization

Beth Shemesh and Desolation

Beth Shemesh and Desolation

I've been writing reflections on the pilgrimage to Israel I took in June of this year. To read all of them, click here. June 20, AM On the morning of our second day in Israel, we left Azekah and went to Beth Shemesh, another site in the Shephelah (“lowlands”) of Israel. The name beth shemesh … Continue reading Beth Shemesh and Desolation