Gaffigan and Food: A Match Made in Heaven

I'm about to review Jim Gaffigan's new book Food: A Love Story, but first I wanted to let you know that I am eating a donut. I think the author would want it that way. This summer, I reviewed Gaffigan's previous book, Dad Is Fat. It chronicled his life with his wife and five kids in a two-bedroom … Continue reading Gaffigan and Food: A Match Made in Heaven

Gaffigan on Parenting: A Review

If you know just a little bit about comedian Jim Gaffigan, odds are you are familiar with his hilarious riff on Hot Pockets: Or one of his many other takes on food, like bacon: But you may not know that he is a practicing Catholic, and has proved it by having five children. He, his … Continue reading Gaffigan on Parenting: A Review