Hurling Balls at Pins and Dancing

Regent’s second annual “Bowling Ball” was last night. What a relief it is to dress up like a fool and go hang out with your friends who are also dressed like fools. My own outfit was somewhat toned down, compared to what I’ve worn in the past to such functions. Is it because I’m getting older and more mature? Perhaps, although the reality is that I just didn’t bring much of my goofiest clothing when I moved out to Vancouver, for practical reasons. Plaid polyester suits, United Airlines coveralls with “Ramp Service” emblazoned on the breast, and bright orange hunting vests take up lots of room in the suitcase — and it’s not as if you can wear them to church every Sunday. The festivities ended at 10 p.m. because there was another group that had rented the bowling alley after us. Many of us moved the party to a local pub. When we first walked in, some of us were feeling a bit self-conscious because we were dressed so oddly, but it turned out there was nothing to worry about. Not only did no one comment on our clothing, but there was another group in the back who were dressed up just as strangely as we were. While our outfits were generally random, though, they were dressed up as things that began with the letter “F.” I never did catch why.
But it just goes to show: there’s no need to be self-conscious, because you never know when you might run into somebody at the pub dressed like a fortune teller.