Transcendence on the Metro (Essay at Fathom)

Last month, I had an essay published at Fathom Magazine for their “Transcendence” issue. It tells the story of an even that I initially thought was a coincidence, then came to conclude was a miracle. Here is how it begins: I decided, too late, that I wanted to go home. It was a cool fall … Continue reading Transcendence on the Metro (Essay at Fathom)

“The Empty Calendar” Essay at Fathom

I wrote an essay about how I have struggled with loneliness during this past year, and how I have attempted to push through that loneliness into solitude. I wanted to see if I could put words to my experience in a way that connected with what so many others are experiencing during the pandemic. The … Continue reading “The Empty Calendar” Essay at Fathom

The Great Terrible Thing

The Pacific Northwest has a reputation for getting a lot of rain, but volume-wise it doesn’t rain that much more here than a lot of other places. It’s just that the rain is spread out over so many dark, cloudy days during the fall … and the winter … and the spring … and the … Continue reading The Great Terrible Thing

How I Spend My Day

I’ve been working at Logos Bible Software since April, and ever since then people have been asking me, “What do you do there?” I do my best to explain, but I’m not always sure that my explanation makes sense. For those of you to whom I’ve explained what I do but you didn’t quite understand, … Continue reading How I Spend My Day

I Need Friends. But I Have Friends. But I Need Friends!

According to Facebook, I have 457 friends. I am not the kind of person who will accept just any friend request, either. To be my friend on Facebook, I have to at least know you, or remember meeting you. I am Facebook friends with a few people (and if you are reading this: it’s not … Continue reading I Need Friends. But I Have Friends. But I Need Friends!


Thanks to all those who commented on my earlier post, in which I shared how discouraged I was that I had no ministry job prospects two years after having graduated from seminary. Thanks especially to those who prayed. Since I posted that, I ought to post this to let people know how things are turning … Continue reading Encouragement


In May, it will have been two years since I graduated from Regent College with my Master of Divinity degree in hand. Later this summer, I will have served two years as a pastoral intern at Bellingham Covenant Church. In June, I will have spent two school years as a bus driver in the Ferndale … Continue reading Discouragement