“Enjoy your Halo!”

Today I was sitting in a certain fast-food restaurant that may or may not have its roots in the Scottish immigrant community of the United States, and I heard a parting phrase that I had never heard before. One employee of this establishment was leaving at the end of his shift, and another employee, who was still working behind the counter, did not say to him, “Goodbye,” or “Later,” or even “Take it easy, bro” or “Peace out Homey,” but instead said:

“Enjoy your Halo!”

Now, I am “hip” and “with it” enough (even in my late 20s, having been born during the Carter administration) to understand what he meant, even though I’ve only ever played the original Halo. And haven’t found it to be terribly addictive since whenever I’ve played, I’ve usually played with people who are much more experienced at it than I am, and who blow my brains out an average of 20 seconds after beginning. Given this state of affairs, I could spend more time playing Halo and improve my skills. . . but I guess we all make choices in life.

I just thought that it was funny that Halo is such a big part of our culture that people can say something as ridiculous-sounding as “Enjoy your Halo,” and people who don’t know them at all can still know what they are talking about.

Enjoy all of your Halos, everybody!


One thought on ““Enjoy your Halo!”

  1. I’ll be honest…even at the end of your first paragraph, I still couldn’t think what “enjoy your halo” meant. Yikes! I’ve considered myself to be pretty hip and “with it” also (even though I was born in the Reagan administration) but maybe I have a false sense of my own “coolness”.

    Anywho, I enjoyed this entry on popular culture. Thanks!
    Enjoy your future halos too, Elliot!

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