A “B” (probably) for Well-Being

I realized at about 4:30 this morning that life had become unbearably ironic.

The reason why I was up that early/late is that I was working on a book review for a class of Thomas Morris’ Our Idea of God: An Introduction to Philosophical Theology. The reason why I came to think that life had become ironic is because I was depriving myself of sleep and general health and well-being in order to write a review of a book about God. Also, I had just spent three days spending a lot of my time reading that same book in order to get it done before the due date, and I had slipped severely in my daily Bible reading. So, I was depriving myself of relationship with God in order to read a book about God.

I then remembered something that Prof. John Stackhouse said once: every year, he is convinced, there are many people who get A’s in classes at Regent against the will of God. That is, they neglect their other obligations to God, family, friends and church in order to put that extra effort in to get a good grade. Since Dr. Stackhouse is the professor for whom I was writing this book review, the choice was obvious. I went to bed. And I’ll turn it in tomorrow for a slightly reduced grade.

In other news, I changed the look of the site. I’m not sure whether I like it or not; I mostly changed away from the old look because none of the widgets on the side worked anymore. We shall see if that was just a glitch on that particular theme, or if WordPress as a whole is having issues with widgets.


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