Heavy Presents

Even though I’m ambivalent about the commercialism of Christmas, I still appreciate the tradition of gift-giving. It’s an excuse to give gifts to other people, and a good opportunity to add books to my library. Here are some of the books that I received this year:

Helping Angry People

Meet The Rabbis

Both of the above books I got from my brother and sister-in-law. The first I wanted because although I love theology and biblical studies, I thought I could stand to learn a lot more about how to deal with people in situations as a pastor. The second I wanted because I wanted a good introduction to Jesus’ Jewish background (particularly with regard to the parables and the Sermon on the Mount). There are a lot of books on this out there, and I looked for a while but couldn’t find one book or author that was recognizably the “best.” So, I went ahead and asked for one that just looked “good.”

The Bible As It Was

The One, The Three and the Many

These next two I got from my dad. The first one I was interested in for similar reasons I was interested in Meet the Rabbis: it focuses on Jewish interpretation of the Torah from 100-300 A.D. The second book is one that has been mentioned at Regent frequently. Since it’s talked about so much, I figured I ought to read it.

A Life

This last one I got from my lovely, intelligent and thoughtful girlfriend. Not everyone would love to get this book for Christmas, but she knows my love language: receiving biographies of Christian leaders. And it’s appropriate that she is the one who gave it to me, since she is a lover of history herself.

Did you receive any exciting books for Christmas? Any recommendations for me to read (in a couple of years, when I’m finished with all the books I own but haven’t read) based on these?


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