This past Friday, I handed in my Christian Spirit take-home final, the very last thing that I had to write in order to complete the requirements for my Master’s in Divinity.

Which means, I’m done! All I have left to do now is graduate next Monday, April 28. My parents are both coming out to visit, which will be a lot of fun. They have both come out to Vancouver before, but it will be nice to have them there for graduation, and so they can meet more of my friends. I will be hanging around in Vancouver during May, saying goodbye, organizing my notes, doing my taxes finally, slowly packing up, getting rid of any furniture or clothing that I don’t think I’ll use anymore, and generally enjoying spring in Vancouver. In June, Mary, my dad and I will be going on a cruise. In July, Mary and I will head up to Skagway, AK for one last summer of tour bus driving.

After that, well… I’ll let you know soon in another post. Or you can talk to me in person and I will tell you what is likely to happen.

But for right now, I’m celebrating! God has been more than faithful these past four years, and I am thankful to have completed my degree.


2 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Congrats dude. That’s great! Someday I hope to join you in the ranks of the finished. Enjoy your done-ness. Now, on to the next big thing…

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