2008 Pastor’s Conference

Since I graduated, you may be wondering what I have been doing with my time. As I mentioned in an earlier post, for a few days all I did were things that I never found time to do when I was in classes – like doing my taxes and going to the eye doctor. But now that most of that is taken care of, how am I spending the month of May?

Well, last week I had a great opportunity to attend the 2008 Regent Pastor’s Conference. They have a conference in May every year. I wasn’t planning on going (because I couldn’t afford to pay for it), but I was asked by the conference coordinator to help out by doing the sound for it. So I was able to attend all the sessions for free, and eat lunch for free, all because I sat in the back of the room and fiddled with knobs on a sound board all day (well, it was more complicated than that, but the point is that I got to attend the conference because I did something that wasn’t terribly taxing).

The theme of the conference this year was With Eyes Lifted Up: The Pastor as Pray-er. There were three speakers: Bruce Hindmarsh, Marva Dawn, and Darrell Johnson. I was particularly excited to hear Marva Dawn speak, because both Bruce and Darrell are on the faculty at Regent and I have had classes with both of them. But Marva I had heard good things about, but had never heard before. It turns out she is a very engaging speaker. She does like to go off on tangents, but I find that I don’t mind speakers who go on tangents if they’re not teaching a class. I mean, it’s one thing for a professor to only get halfway through an outline and then hold you responsible for the entire thing, and it’s another for a conference speaker to tell inspiring and entertaining stories every now and then. She never got through what she wanted to get through in any of her talks, but I didn’t mind so much. Bruce and Darrell were also quite good. I’m so thankful that I was able to go; it was a real blessing to be a part of the conference.

So that is what I did last week. This week: painting. My roommate Tony is painting a house, and he would appreciate help, so this week I’ll be painting with him and a couple of other guys. We’ll be enjoying the lovely Vancouver spring weather, which has just started getting warm…

By Elliot

Elliot was born in Michigan and raised in North Carolina. He has studied at Regent College and the University of Richmond, worked at newspapers in St. Petersburg and Los Angeles, taught ESL in eastern Europe, given tours in Alaska, and driven a school bus. Now he lives in western Washington and works as an editor at Lexham Press, the publishing arm of Faithlife Corporation.