Road Trip Recap

Whelp, we finished with the road trip on Tuesday, my brother flew back to Wisconsin from Seattle this morning, and I’m back in Bellingham. It was a fantastic trip; I posted some photos from it on Facebook yesterday. If you are not on Facebook (or if you are, but haven’t gotten around to seeing the pictures yet), here is a link that you can use to look at them:

Bros on the Roads – Road Trip 2008

I’ll get around to blogging about specifics later, but for now here is a brief overview:

Number of states visited: 14

Number of new states visited: 3 (Iowa, South Dakota and Montana)

Number of new states for my brother: 3 (South Dakota, Idaho and Washington)

Number of total states visited in my life: 41

Number of state capitals driven through: 4 (Charleston, Frankfort, Indianapolis, Madison)

Number of state capitols visited: 1 (West Virginia)

Number of miles traveled: 3324.5

Amount spent on gas: $411.42

Gallons of gas consumed: about 110

Cheapest gas: $3.37 / gal

Best mileage for a gallon of gas: 35.55 mpg (I was driving through wonderfully flat Indiana)

Worst mileage for a gallon of gas: 25.34 mpg (driving through mountainous western Montana. Also, speed limits in Western states tend to be higher, so we burned more gas going the same distance)

Number of monuments to alcohol visited: 2 (the Jim Beam distillery and the Miller Brewery)

Number of national parks visited: 3

Worst drivers: Kentucky and West Virginia


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