How We Got the Bible, and How to Study the Bible

Some of you may know that I taught a couple of adult Sunday School classes at my church this fall as part of my internship. In case you wanted to join me but couldn’t (on account of living thousands of miles away, or some other piddling excuse like that), I am going to post the notes that I handed out to everyone during each class. These notes don’t contain everything that was talked about in class, but they do give an idea of what each class was about.

Since each set of class notes is long enough to be a post unto itself, I am going to devote one post to each one of them over the next couple of weeks.

Note: the above is a Greek fragment of Leviticus from a copy of the Septuagint produced around 200 AD.


2 thoughts on “How We Got the Bible, and How to Study the Bible

  1. Hi there! It has been awhile since I’ve been to the site, and I just went through the first posting of your course content. It’s exciting to see the course content and I love your imoportant disclaimer. Did you know some of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been in Raleigh for months? I thought I should go see them until I found they are charging $30.00 to see the exhibit. I wonder why. Do free museums charge like that for other exhibits? Who owns them anyway? Are THEY charging the museum a lot to display them? These are rhetorical questions, though I wouldn’t mind knowing the answers. I’m just experiencing delayed outrage. Love you! Mom

  2. Mom:

    I think it’s typical for museums to charge extra for traveling exhibits like that one. I don’t know if it’s the same one, but Mary and I saw a Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit in Seattle two years ago. I really enjoyed it.

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