Go Spiders!

Last night, my alma mater won their first national championship in any sport. They beat the Montana Grizzlies 24-7. The sport was football, but I had to do a little research before I knew exactly what kind of championship it was.

Whereas the University of Richmond Spiders used to play in NCAA Division I-AA, it is not called that anymore. Instead of dividing teams into I-A and I-AA, now the teams are divided into Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly I-A) and Football Championship Subdivision (formerly I-AA). If you’re confused, you can read this article.

So the Spiders are now the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) national champions! They sure have come a long way since the time when I was a student (1997-2001). I remember schlepping down to the UR Stadium, a couple of miles from campus, to watch our mediocre football teams play. Now, not only is the team much better, but soon they’ll be playing on campus! If they keep having this kind of success, they’ll outgrow their new stadium before they move in!


2 thoughts on “Go Spiders!

  1. I wonder if the Spider has a new and improved costume or if he’ll start wearing a championship t shirt? Bet they’ll sell those in the bookstore. Wa hoo!

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