January 13-24: A Black Hole (kind of) Explained

It has been almost two weeks since my last post, so I’ll emerge from my silence to tell y’all what is going on. I don’t normally say “y’all” when speaking, because of my longstanding resistance to acquiring a southern accent (this is a story for another time), but I think it is sometimes appropriate because there’s no third person plural pronoun in English except for “y’all” and, if you’re from certain parts of the Northeast, “youse guys.”

What has been going on in my life in the past almost two weeks has been this: mostly work. I continue to drive the same bus route every day, because the regular driver continues to be gone. I also have begun an 8-week adult Bible study class on Sunday mornings, using the John Stott study book on the Beatitudes. I also meet with the pastors once a week. I am scheduled to preach next week as part of a series my church is doing on worship, so I’m studying up on communion in preparation for preaching on I Corinthians 11:17-34. And finally, I continue to spend as much time as possible with Mary, because I like to.