Rock Garden

For those of you who, like me, spend too much time on the Internet looking for (free, if possible) sermons and lectures to put on your MP3 player, let me put you on to a good source.

Rikk Watts is a professor of New Testament at Regent College, where I went to school. Every two weeks during the school year, he gives evening talks at a young adult gathering called The Rock Garden at New Life Community Church in Burnaby, BC. The talks that he has given dating back to 2001 are available at no charge at the Rock Garden Web site (UPDATE 8/9/13: I checked the link that used to be here, and found that it no longer points to the Rock Garden site, so I removed it. I am not sure whether these talks are available online anymore). I was often busy on Sunday nights during my time at Regent, so I only went to the Rock Garden once, but I have greatly benefited from listening to the lectures and sermons available on the site.

I should also mention that Regent has lots of classes and lectures available at It is wonderful that they record so much (and I have purchased a few classes and stand-alone lectures myself), but unfortunately for sermon and lecture gluttons like myself, you have to pay for it.


One thought on “Rock Garden

  1. Excellent! I recall discovering this site a few years ago while at Regent, but I didn’t download any then. Now, with my 1hr+ of walking each day to and fro school, I am thankful for friendly reminder. St. John’s Shaughnessy’s website also has some sermons from Regent folk, including a few by students. I’m really excited for the Hindmarsh talk. That guy could talk about wallpaper and still have me enthralled.

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