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Turns out that news of the North Carolina Motor Speedway's demise was greatly exaggerated, by me. I just read this story that turned out with a happy ending: though there will likely be no NASCAR racing at the Rock anymore, it was purchased at auction by someone who doesn't want to turn it into condos.

R.I.P. North Carolina Motor Speedway

My friend Ryan told me about this sad story recently. As someone who grew up in North Carolina, going to NASCAR races was part of my childhood. Now the North Carolina Speedway in Rockingham, NC - 65 miles away from Fayetteville, where I grew up - is being auctioned off. The auction is today, and … Continue reading R.I.P. North Carolina Motor Speedway

Georgia Multiculturalism

I have GOT to get used to this whole blogging thing. I'm slipping already. Anyway, I read this article in the New York Times online the other day, about a Baptist church adapting to the growing multiculturalism of its neighborhood. It's encouraging to hear of this example, but I wonder how many other churches are … Continue reading Georgia Multiculturalism

Quote 2 – The Roots of Sociology

“The consequences of the shift from agricultural [premodern, traditional] to [modern] industrial societies on social norms were so large that they gave birth to an entirely new academic discipline, sociology, which sought to describe and understand these changes. Virtually all of the great social thinkers at the end of the nineteenth century – including Toennies, … Continue reading Quote 2 – The Roots of Sociology

Quote 1 – J.Q. Adams’ ideas about liberty

"The spirit of improvement is abroad upon the earth. It stimulates the heart and sharpens the faculties not of our fellow-citizens alone, but of the nations of Europe and of their rulers. While dwelling with pleasing satisfaction upon the superior excellence of our political institutions, let us not be unmindful that liberty is power: that … Continue reading Quote 1 – J.Q. Adams’ ideas about liberty

Ah, Modernity!

I started a class last Friday with the unwieldy title, "Christian Faith and Practice in the Postmodern World." The opening lecture was largely about definition of terms: modern, modernism, modernization, postmodern, etc. Living during the time I have, I must admit that I have struggled with the definition of the word "postmodern" more often than … Continue reading Ah, Modernity!

Chilkoot – August 2007

Just before I left Alaska to come back to Vancouver, I hiked the Chilkoot Trail with seven friends. It was a great time, though rather grueling. We hiked about 36 miles in 46 hours, and this included a 3000+ foot elevation gain. The trail itself is 33 miles, but our 36 included 3 miles spent … Continue reading Chilkoot – August 2007