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Anybody Can Write a Christian Romance Novel

A while back, a friend and I were joking about cowriting a Christian romance novel centered around meeting someone via Craigslist (or some similar buying/selling platform). It didn't come to fruition. But before it fizzled out, I wrote a first chapter. So now I present to you chapter 1 of Secondhand Love. I am accepting … Continue reading Anybody Can Write a Christian Romance Novel


Gaffigan and Food: A Match Made in Heaven

I'm about to review Jim Gaffigan's new book Food: A Love Story, but first I wanted to let you know that I am eating a donut. I think the author would want it that way. This summer, I reviewed Gaffigan's previous book, Dad Is Fat. It chronicled his life with his wife and five kids in a two-bedroom … Continue reading Gaffigan and Food: A Match Made in Heaven

The Facebook Activist

I am a Facebook Activist. I change the world with my posts. I sit at my keyboard and share my important opinions on the issues of the day. In addition to dropping my own wisdom-filled thoughts, an essential part of my job is re-sharing the slogans/pictures/infographics of others, especially on hot political topics. I must … Continue reading The Facebook Activist

Book Review: Between Heaven and Mirth

Martin, a Jesuit priest who has been called "The Official Chaplain of Colbert Nation," is convinced that joy, humor and laughter are central to spirituality. He calls readers' attention to humor in the Bible and in the lives of spiritual leaders throughout the centuries. Most of the jokes that he tells and examples that he … Continue reading Book Review: Between Heaven and Mirth

June/July 2008: Books Read

Last month I didn't post my monthly brief reviews of books I read. The reason for this is that I didn't read any books during the month of June. I took Herodotus' The Histories with me on the cruise that I was on from June 3 to June 19, and read a bit of it … Continue reading June/July 2008: Books Read

My New Career as a Plasma Donor

After I had been unemployed and looking for work for a few weeks, I decided to take matters into my own hands and donate plasma. When you donate plasma, unlike when you donate blood, those who take your plasma do not rely exclusively on your sense of altruism. When you donate blood, it is your … Continue reading My New Career as a Plasma Donor