St. John’s in the News

St. John’s Shaughnessy, an Anglican church in Vancouver, has been much in the news lately, after a vote last week to align itself with a South American archbishop. There have been two articles in a national Canadian paper, the Globe and Mail, this one last Friday and another one (dealing more broadly with other churches that are considering cutting ties with the Anglican Church of Canada) on Saturday.

St. John’s calls this move “realignment,” and the Diocese of New Westminster calls it “schismatic.” It all depends on how you see what has been going on in the Anglican Communion. If you think that the churches in North America have been drifting away from orthodox Christianity for years, then “realignment” is the right term. If you think that breaking away from said North American church is inexcusable, then “schismatic” is the term for you.

I have two roommates who go to St. John’s, one of whom was at the vote last Wednesday. Several Regent professors go there. The pastor of my church in Vancouver mentioned the news in his sermon on Sunday. It’s big news around here. It’s very sad, but I think it was necessary (so “realignment” is my preferred term). After all, St. John’s had not been able to ordain people to the ministry since 2002 because of this conflict with the bishop, and it looked like neither side was going to budge.

Please pray for the Anglican Communion.


3 thoughts on “St. John’s in the News

  1. Prayers are assured!
    40 yrs as a Priest of the C of E and ACC, 3 yrs ago I ‘realigned’ and am a Priest of the TAC.


    Fr John S. Toon, SSM

  2. Have you ever been there? I remember driving by it when I visited Vancouver a while back. From the looks of it it’s a classically evangelical parish. Though I can’t imagine evangelicals or catholics would be very welcomed in New Westminster. It’ll be interesting to see whether the Canadian church learns the litigious strategies of her sister to the south.

  3. Yes, I’ve been there a few times: one morning service, and a few night services.

    I guess you mean “classically evangelical” as opposed to “Anglo-Catholic,” right? That is true, though, as you say, they have a lot more in common at St. John’s with Anglo-Catholicism than the liberalism of Bishop Ingham.

    And speaking of litigious strategies, well, I’m sure there’s not a lot more Ingham and crew need to learn. Legal action was already threatened before the vote was taken.

    Here is a document by J.I. Packer (who attends St. John’s) giving reasons for the realignment, as well as just an overview of the state of Anglicanism:

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