Big Boody the Third

This blog has a modest goal. It isn’t designed to grow exponentially in readership, so that I can eventually put up advertising and make my living doing it (though if that happened, I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed). If I wanted to do that, I would a) write extensively on one topic, and/or b) write more than a post or two per week.

I’m not surprised, then, that I only get about a dozen hits a day. Every now and then, I get curious about what posts people are interested in, and what people are searching for when they find this blog.

Turns out it’s kind of uninspiring. My most-viewed post as of right now (with 113 views) is Back in Big Boody, Part I. Lots of people apparently search for “big boody,” and unfortunately for them, they end up here. I just did a Google search myself, and that post is the very first result that shows up. My guess is they immediately click “Back” on their browsers, and end up at a Sir Mix-A-Lot fan site.

For the record, the post is about my trip back to Eastern Europe in 2006. It’s called “Back in Big Boody” because “Big Boody” was a nickname for Budapest among us English-teacher types.


3 thoughts on “Big Boody the Third

  1. Hey there Elliot,

    For what it’s worth the most common reason anyone ever makes it to my blog is on a search for “forbidden fruit.”

    The post they reach on Adam, Eve, and Joshua 7 might be a bit disappointing—less Boody than expected.

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