INFPs, Unite!

Whilst procrastinating on reading for the paper that I would like to write in a couple of days, I wandered by this site and checked out my Myers-Briggs personality type. I’ve taken the MB several times, and while the numbers usually vary, I’ve almost always been categorized as an INFP. I’ve read about the common characteristics of this personality type several times over, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a list of famous INFPs. Since I got such a kick out of it, I thought I might share it in its entirety:

Famous INFPs:

Mary, mother of Jesus
St. John, the beloved disciple
St. Luke; physician, disciple, author
William Shakespeare, bard of Avon
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Evangeline)
A. A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)
Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie)
Helen Keller, deaf and blind author
Carl Rogers, reflective psychologist, counselor
Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood)
Dick Clark (American Bandstand)
Donna Reed, actor (It’s a Wonderful Life)
Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis
Neil Diamond, vocalist
Tom Brokaw, news anchor
James Herriot (All Creatures Great and Small)
Annie Dillard (Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)
James Taylor, vocalist
Julia Roberts, actor (Conspiracy Theory, Pretty Woman)
Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap)
Terri Gross (PBS’s “Fresh Air”)
Amy Tan (author of The Joy-Luck Club, The Kitchen God’s Wife)
John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Lisa Kudrow (“Phoebe” of Friends)
Fred Savage (“The Wonder Years”)
Fictional INFPs:

Anne (Anne of Green Gables)
Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes)
Deanna Troi (Star Trek – The Next Generation)
Wesley Crusher (Star Trek – The Next Generation)
Doctor Julian Bashir (Star Trek: Deep Space 9)
Bastian (The Neverending Story)
E.T.: the ExtraTerrestrial
Doug Funny, Doug cartoons
Tommy, Rug Rats cartoons
Rocko, Rocko’s Modern Life cartoons

So there you go. I’m pretty much a cross between the Virgin Mary and E.T.


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  1. Wait a minute – you get the Virgin Mary and Shakesphere and I get Ronald Regan and Ben Stiller (ENFJ) What’s the deal? I was kind of borderline on the E/I thing though.

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