More Euro-signage

The post last week on funny signs from Europe caused me to look on my computer for some more pictures of signs that I saw when I lived overseas. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lot of digital pictures of funny signs, but fortunately, my roommate Neal did. Here is a link to a page on his web site where he posted his collection of funny signs, and here is a tasty sample to get you over there:

And here are a couple of pictures that I took:

I’ve never had a Thai massage, but I hear it’s great for my relax.

“Come to our Kung Fu class, and learn how to punch people in the neck.”


2 thoughts on “More Euro-signage

  1. Elliott — I’m visiting the Kispest flat now, and sadly the kung fu poster has been taken down! (Whether it was the teachers or someone else I don’t know. A lot of other things have gone missing over the past few summers, including several appliances that I remember buying and leaving.)

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