New Job: School Bus Driver

For those of you who have not heard yet, I have a job. When school starts on September 3, I will be a substitute school bus driver for the Ferndale School District. This seems like a job that will fit well with the internship that I am doing part-time at my church, since I will have off evenings and weekends. Even though I will be a substitute without a regular route, I hear that most substitutes get to drive quite a lot. The pay is also quite good compared to, say, working as a teller in a bank, which was another job I was considering.

Even though school doesn’t start for another month, I have been going to training for the past week. Soon (probably next week) I will take a driving test to get my school bus endorsement, and I will be able to take buses out whenever I want to run errands – er, I mean, get used to driving routes.


One thought on “New Job: School Bus Driver

  1. Congratulations on your new job! May all your little charges be respectful of adults. Will you drive all ages or just elementary age?
    I’m glad you found plasma donation interesting and profitable. It’s also a nice thing to do. What a good deal! If you’re ever injected with any contrast dye (for MRI, CT scans, etc), you’ll also get that cool sensation. Kinda creepy, but nice on a hot day. At least you know how to get a relatively quick $20-$35, legally, when you need it.
    Now I must go prepare to contact an abusive parent for my GAL duties.
    Love you bunches,

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