The Big E

No, I’m not talking about myself (though “Big E” is a nickname that my brother has had for me for years), I’m talking about “engagement” – which happened to Mary and me yesterday.

Here’s how it went down: we went down to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in the morning to look at the fields of tulips.


Then we headed back north to Bellingham on Chuckanut Drive. We had brought food for a picnic, so we stopped at the Larrabee State Park parking lot and walked down to the beach. It was an overcast day, so the beach was totally deserted except for us. We set up for the picnic, and after I was done taking the food out of my backpack (I was already on one knee), I asked Mary to be my wife. And she said yes!

The happy couple
The happy couple

We both called several people that afternoon, updated our Facebook statuses (a necessity in this day and age), and went out to eat that night at an Italian restaurant in downtown Bellingham. All in all, a fantastic day.

By Elliot

Elliot was born in Michigan and raised in North Carolina. He has studied at Regent College and the University of Richmond, worked at newspapers in St. Petersburg and Los Angeles, taught ESL in eastern Europe, given tours in Alaska, and driven a school bus. Now he lives in western Washington and works as an editor at Lexham Press, the publishing arm of Faithlife Corporation.

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