Day 2 – Venice

Mary, my dad and I got up early (two words: jet lag) and wandered around a northern district of Venice called Cannaregio (our B&B was just across the Grand Canal from this district, in Santa Croce). Since it was early and we weren't at St. Mark's, it was quiet as we walked up and down … Continue reading Day 2 – Venice

Day 1 – Travel (and Venice)

Mary and I began our Mediterranean cruise by getting up in the middle of the night and boarding a bus for the Seattle airport. It took 2.5 hours to get from Bellingham to Seattle, and we were dropped off at 4 a.m. Our flight to New York left at around 6, and that passed without … Continue reading Day 1 – Travel (and Venice)

The Return

Mary and my dad and I have now returned from our Mediterranean cruise. Soon, I'll begin blogging through the trip day-by-day, giving a rundown of what happened and some pictures as well. But tomorrow, Mary and I are leaving to attend a wedding in Spokane, so there will be no blogging for a couple of … Continue reading The Return

More Euro-signage

The post last week on funny signs from Europe caused me to look on my computer for some more pictures of signs that I saw when I lived overseas. Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of digital pictures of funny signs, but fortunately, my roommate Neal did. Here is a link to a page on … Continue reading More Euro-signage


My friend Julia is touring around Europe right now, and mentioned in her latest blog post that she'd been seeing a lot of entertaining signs on her travels. This took me back to my days in Eastern Europe, where I saw this sign at the Czech border on the way to a Thanksgiving retreat: Apparently, … Continue reading Euro-signage

Break Pictures

I'm back in Vancouver, and as promised, I have uploaded some pictures from the break. Here are a few of them: This is the table at my grandparents' house, set for Christmas Eve dinner. This is my dad and grandpa in the Grand Rapids Art Museum. My nephew Calvin, in the hat that my grandma … Continue reading Break Pictures